Practical Services

Tiered service offerings designed to fit your ASC’s individual needs. Helping you create real value for your business.

At ascGPS, we’re in the business of helping physician-owned ambulatory surgical centers grow their businesses. Whether that’s through offering high quality products delivered in a timely and efficient manner, or practical services tailored to fit specific needs.


Our Tiered Practical Services are as follows:

ascGPS Solutions

The ascGPS Solutions service offering is designed for customers initiating their Outpatient TJA program who wish to remove procedural and logistical variables while adjusting to the new surgical environment. Features include:

- Case planning as requested by physician

- Manufacturer representative present during procedure

- Instrument set allocation delivery, servicing, and post-case cleanup/resetting

- Implant set allocation, delivery, servicing, and post-case pickup

- Case billing, delivered goods form and hospital specific paperwork completion

ascGPS Value

A customer-specific experience tailored to an individual facility’s needs, the ascGPS Value service offering allows customers to adjust their level of ascGPS engagement by adding individually negotiated service items from a comprehensive menu. This menu is designed to provide additional support in areas where specific logistical input is needed.

ascGPS O.R Assist offers a manufacturer-coordinated product expert presence in the operating room for the procedure.

ascGPS Pro Assist offers manufacturer-coordinated instrument and implant delivery and pickup services.

ascGPS Logic Assist offers manufacturer-coordinated Billing, Purchase Order generation and retrieval.

ascGPS Surg Assist offers the presence of a board-certified orthopedic surgeon present in the operating room for a procedure.

ascGPS Basic

With the ascGPS Basic service offering, customers are able to experience the autonomy of their custom-engineered facility specific to the Outpatient TJA program.  The ascGPS Basic service is designed for customers with a mature Outpatient TJA program, including those that have completed the 18-month Comprehensive program.

ascGPS Comprehensive

The ascGPS Comprehensive service offering allows customers to subscribe to an 18-month program, spending six months in each ascGPS service level offering and in the process, becoming experts in creating their own fully functioning Outpatient TJA program.

If you’d like to learn how ascGPS’ Practical Services can help you grow your business, click below:

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ascGPS provides physician-owned ASCs tiered practical services offerings to fit their specific needs.

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We offer the highest quality, value-rich solutions for total joint arthroplasty in the outpatient setting.